Bachelor of Business (BBus)

The Bachelor of Business (BBus) is a 24 subject, 6 semester undergraduate degree. The course is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills to function in a broad range of business environments. In accord with The Institute of International Studies (TIIS) strategic vision, graduates from the Bachelor of Business will be professionally orientated and work ready.

Course Design and Structure

Typically, students will complete the course in 6 full-time semesters over 3 years. The course will also be available part-time for domestic students.

UNIT CODE Unit Name Credit Pts.
BB101 Management and Leadership Principles 6
BB102 Business Communication 6
BB103 Principles of Accounting 6
BB104 Economics for Business 6
BB105 Marketing Foundations 6
BB106 Business Ethics and Sustainability 6
BB107 Business Information Systems 6
BB108 Business Statistics and Research 6
BB201 Business Intelligence and Data Analytics 6
BB202 Business Finance 6
Elective 6
Elective 6
BB203 Business Law 6
BB204 Design Thinking and Digital Technology 6
Elective 6
Elective 6
BB301 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 6
BB302 The Global Business Environment 6
Elective 6
Elective 6
BB303 Enterprise Design and Value Creation 6
BB304 Human Resource Management 6
Elective 6
BB305 Business Research: Capstone Project 6

Learning Outcomes


The Bachelor of Business qualifies individuals to apply a broad and coherent body of knowledge in a range of contexts to undertake professional work and as a pathway for further learning.



Graduates of the Bachelor of Business will have:
– a broad and coherent body of knowledge in business and management drawn from relevant concepts, models and theories.

– an ability to analyse and synthesise information and apply this to decision-making in a range of situations.

– developed a depth of knowledge by undertaking elective subjects in an area of specialisation.



Graduates of the Bachelor of Business will have:
– cognitive skills to critically review, analyse, and synthesise management theories and concepts

– cognitive and technical skills to demonstrate a broad understanding of business and management knowledge while developing specialised knowledge in a relevant area

– cognitive and technical skills to investigate, analyse and synthesise business and management information to generate effective, professional and socially responsible business decisions

– cognitive, technical and creative skills to identify problems and generate entrepreneurial solutions within an increasingly complex and globalised business environment

– effective written and oral communication skills that caters to a range of audiences within and across organisational contexts.


Application of knowledge and skills

Graduates of the Bachelor of Business will have:
– the ability to apply business and management knowledge and personal judgement to both solve problems and generate effective decisions

– the proficiency to utilise information technology to generate, manage and disseminate information in the workplace for effective organisational outcomes

– to be responsible for their own learning and professional practice and to build collaborative relationships across a range of workplace settings

Learning Pathways

Students who successfully complete the Bachelor of Business may be eligible for progression into Honors, Graduate Diploma or Masters programs. TIIS academic staff will provide guidance to interested students.


Students will be required to complete 7 electives from an elective bank of 14 subjects. Students will have the opportunity to consolidate their electives into a specialised stream. It should be noted that specialist streams will NOT be formally recognised on the testamur as part of the award title.

UNIT CODE Unit Name Credit Pts.
BB350 Accounting Practice 6
BB351 Company Accounting 6
BB352 Accounting Theory 6
BB353 Management Accounting 6
BB354 Taxation 6
BB355 Auditing & Assurance 6
BB356 Corporations Law 6
BB357 Consumer Behaviour 6
BB358 Marketing and Audience Research 6
BB359 Integrated Marketing Communications 6
BB360 Social Media & Digital Marketing 6
BB361 Brand and Product Management 6
BB362 Managing Cross Culturally 6
BB363 International Marketing Strategy Management 6

Subject Descriptions


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