Commitments And Obligations

The Institute of International Studies is a place to learn, a place to grow as a professional. By its name and very nature, the Institute is international in its outlook and diverse in its practice. It is a place where students from around the world gather to learn about their future profession, themselves as students and citizens, and the international community with whom they daily interact. The Institute provides a unique, global oriented learning environment.
Our Commitment

The Institute is committed to building a community of learners. We will provide a safe and welcoming environment free from harassment in whatever form it takes. The actions of our support and management staff will be responsive, accurate, timely and appropriate to your needs.

Our academic staff will be student focused. They will challenge you intellectually while also providing the support you need to help you make a success of your time at TIIS.

The facilities of TIIS will meet the needs of your academic life. The inner city location will assist in meeting your social needs.

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Your Commitment

The Institute expects that all members of the broader Institute community will behave professionally and with respect for others. Therefore, students must not behave in a manner that may be considered disruptive and/or inappropriate by any reasonable standard.

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Students are expected to refrain from behaviour that

creates significant disruption to the learning environment
creates an atmosphere of hostility, intimidation, ridicule, anxiety or disrespect for others
contradicts published rules, regulations, procedures or common standards of safety
endangers or threatens to endanger the health or safety of others; or
damages, defaces or destroys the Institute’s property.

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Furthermore, students are expected to:

attend their scheduled classes regularly and punctually;
refrain from the use of devices which may disrupt classes. e.g. mobile phones, portable entertainment equipment such as iPods, etc.
comply with reasonable directions from the Institute’s authorised representatives;
conduct themselves in a safe and healthy manner;
identify and report any possible hazards from equipment, facilities and the environment;
refrain from smoking anywhere on the Institute’s premises;
refrain from drinking and/or eating in any study area, including the library;
refrain from the use of bad language, alcohol and drugs when on campus;
ensure that no students, staff, or visitors to the Institute experience discriminatory, harassing or bullying behaviour;
report any discriminatory behaviour, harassment or bullying to the Course Coordinator or the Academic Director; and
follow the Institute’s policies.

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Consequently, students are entitled to:

be treated fairly and with respect;
learn in an environment free of discrimination and harassment;
pursue their educational goals in a safe and supportive environment; and
expect that their privacy is respected and their personal information will be kept confidential.

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