Bill (CEO) sharing wise thoughts with students and staff

Date : 14 March 2019

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We are pleased to announce that our first Breakfast with Bill – Bill (CEO) sharing wise thoughts with students and staff event was successfully held this morning.

The event will be held twice a month and staff and students are encouraged to confirm their availability for the event by emailing info@tiis.edu.au by 12 noon the day before the event.

We thank Bill for initiating the breakfast session with staff (and students). Our morning breakfast provided an opportunity for an informal dialogue about many critical issues related to our work at The Institute of International Studies. A passionate discussion led to critical issues arising about the trials and tribulations experienced in intercultural communication; the complex linkage between languages and cultures; common areas of misunderstanding.

Overall Breakfast with Bill contributed to our personal and professional enrichment as members of national and international community.

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We schedule to host Breakfast with Bill every second week and registration is required if you wish to enjoy breakfast! We may host breakfast on a different day of the week so that all staff and students can benefit from our event.

See you all at the next Breakfast with Bill!