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Over 4.5 million people and growing


The climate of Sydney is humid subtropical shifting from mild and cool in winter to warm and hot in the summer, with no extreme seasonal differences. It enjoys 103.9 clear days of sunshine annually ranging from 53% in January to 72% in August


As diverse as its people, Sydney has been shaped by many influences. Its culture, lifestyle and food bring together elements from all corners of the world. International art, music, film and cultural festivals fill Sydney’s streets all year round. In cafes and restaurants across the city, Asian, European, African and flavours from the Americas are on offer.

A Global City

Sydney is recognised as Australia’s world city and a prime driver of the Australian economy. The city is a national hub for global industries such as business, financial services, law, telecommunications and the media. It is home to more regional and international business headquarters than any other city in Australia. Sydney is ranked as the most important world city in the Southern Hemisphere. It hosts national institutions such as the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian Stock Exchange.

Estimated Cost of Living in Sydney

It is estimated that an international student requires between $18,000 to $23,000 for living expenses for each academic year (12 months). Initial establishment costs for a shared apartment, such as rental bonds for accommodation, electricity, gas, and telephone, could add up to at least $1,500.

  1. Sydney continues to regularly rank in the top ten of the widely respected Mercer Quality of Living Survey and the Economist’s ‘World’s Most Liveable Cities’ survey.
  2. Sydney has one of the lowest city population densities and highest standards of living in the world.
  3. Seven of the top ten Australian attractions are in Sydney, according to the International Visitor Survey (led by the Opera House and Sydney shopping).
  4. Sydney, Australia’s oldest and largest city, is one of the most beautiful, cosmopolitan and safe metropolises in the world. Located on Australia’s east coast, Sydney thrives on sunshine and blue skies year round.
  5. Sydney combines the best aspects of Australia in a world city. From beaches to bushland, unparalleled natural beauty to world-famous architecture and a culture renowned for everything from fine food, music and the arts to nightlife and surfing. Sydney offers a lifestyle to suit everyone.

Public transport

You can find the cost of fares for public transport in Sydney by visiting the Integrated Transport Information website:

Finding Accommodation

Sydney has a wide variety of accommodation available to students from single room to shared apartments/units/flats. If you want to share with other students leave a message on the bulletin board on campus with your contact details. For more information ask student services to assist you or check the bulletin board. Here are some useful websites to help you.

Accommodation websites

Medical Issues

TIIS has an up to date list of medical professionals who are within easy access of the campus. Any student with medical concerns should inform the Student Services Officer, who will assist them in finding appropriate medical assistance. Please talk to Student Services for more help and assistance in this matter. Alternatively, you can Google search for medical centres close to TIIS or near your accommodation.

Note: It is compulsory for international students to have a valid overseas student health cover/insurance for the period of their visa. Medical costs in Sydney can be very expensive and from our experience it is economical for students to have overseas heath cover to bear this cost in case of medical emergency. If you need more information regarding overseas health cover please do not hesitate to contact the Student Services Officer and alternatively you can visit following websites:

Legal Services in Sydney

Legal Aid NSW/LawAcess NSW provides one-off free legal advice regarding a range of legal issues including.
Criminal law – people facing criminal charges.
Family law – issues arising from the family breakdown (especially matters involving children), domestic violence and child support.
Civil law – including housing law, consumer law including credit, debt and mortgage matters, discrimination, social security, immigration (only at Central Sydney office), mental health and guardianship law.

For more information please visit their website:
The information contained in this section is compiled from various websites mentioned in this section and few more websites that are listed below. Also, if you need more information about living cost in Sydney please do not hesitate to visit these websites:
Mercer (provide ranking of cities to live in around and world) (your connection with government)

Sydney Australia Website –

Study in Australia Website –

Transport Roads & Maritime Service –

Job search websites

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