Appeal – all of us to take vaccination

August 23, 2021

Dear All TIIS Students,

Hope this email finds you all well wherever you might be at the moment.  

We know that it has not been easy to live in the extended lock-downs due to the current COVID Pandemic.

We might have always thought that the COVID pandemic is far away from us. However, it has become evident that the COVID pandemic is getting closer to us every day with people who we know are actually affected. In order to keep safe for us and protect our loved ones, I am writing to all TIIS students by relaying the message from NSW State government in relation to COVID Vaccination.

Please come forward and get Vaccinated whenever the next vaccination is available.  

NSW Premier, Ms Berejiklian appealed for people “to come forward and get vaccinated, whatever vaccine you can get your hands on.” She acknowledged high case numbers were confronting but said vaccination would help keep people out of hospital.

We are not in the position to force any students to take the COVID vaccination, but we do encourage you to take the COVID vaccination whenever you can, as appropriate to your personal circumstance and medical conditions.

Again, please look after yourself well during extended lockdown and keep yourself safe, sound and happy.

Your generous action can save lives.

Best regards,

Marshall Wei

Acting CEO

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