Boosting Graduate Employability with CPA Australia

February 18, 2022

TIIS and CPA Australia are collaborating on a series of resources and networking opportunities to help our students engage with the industry.

TIIS students don’t have to wait until they graduate to benefit from the networking, knowledge-base and opportunities of CPA Australia.

Kim Hwang FCPA, the International Business Development Manager of CPA Australia kicked off a new series of CPA Australia resources and networking opportunities for TIIS. Kim presented the benefits of being an associate member of CPA Australia. She also gave a peek into how accountants in practice have adapted to the changed circumstances including the COVID pandemic.  Her insights on how the pandemic have impacted on the employment prospects for new graduates was most valuable.

From the left: Mr Andre Houang CPA (Lecturer, TIIS); Mr Marshall Wei (Acting CEO, TIIS); Associate Professor Megan Kek (Academic Dean, TIIS); and Ms Kim Hwang FCPA (International Business Development Manager, CPA)

The whole interview can viewed below: –

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