Orientation Program

Coffee or Tea
Meet and greet
Student registration process
General Welcome to TIIS
Introduction to Academic and Professional Staff
Outline of Orientation Program
Student registration process
Emergency evacuation directions and protocols
Administrative Matters
Review of Student Handbook
Student health and welfare processes
Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC)
Student support services – including counselling
Student Support Officers – roles and responsibilities
Student Administrative Portal
Wi-Fi access
Q & A
Academic Matters
Course information – course outline
Timetable and trimester structure
Learning and Assessment Strategies
Course progression, attendance and visa conditions
Recognition of Prior Learning
Professional Accreditation
Opportunities for further graduate study
Q & A
Student Life
Being a student in Australia
Student rights and responsibilities
Complaints and appeals processes
Student representation on Institute committees – how to get involved
Work-life-study balance (pie chart)
Living and working in Australia (Work Safe & Fair Work Australia)
Q & A
English Assessment
A mini-case study (½ to 1 page) will be used to assess students’ functional English in reading, comprehension of written text and their ability to express themselves in writing. This diagnostic will provide TIIS with the opportunity to identify and assist those learners who may require additional language and learning support.
Learning Centre Workshop – Part 1
Student ID Cards
Accessing the learning centre resources
Assignment Guidelines – the Harvard System – theory and practice
Assignments : why avoid plagiarism and contract cheating / how Turnitin helps you
Learning Centre Workshop – Part 2
Assessment Expectations
Structuring an assignment – guidelines
Presenting an assignment – guidelines
Academic support for assessment
Practical exercises
English Assessment: REVIEW
Overview of ‘results’ and issues for consideration
Student support processes
Academic support
Q & A
Orientation Wrap-up
Summation and Closing Discourse
Q & A

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