Student Support

TIIS has qualified staff to look after the administrative and academic needs of students during their course of study. The following support services are available to all students:
Orientation Program

A compulsory orientation program is provided for all new students arriving on campus at the beginning of their course.

Counselling Services

The TIIS Student Counselling Service is designed to assist students in dealing with a wide range of problems including homesickness, managing stress, handling conflicts, emotional issues, improving motivation, enhancing study skills, organizing study time and any other issue that may be of concern. Student Support Officers are well acquainted with the pressures and stress of student life and are the first point of contact for any assistance. Students will also be referred to the Program Coordinator or Academic Director for further consultation as required.

Call Student Support
 on 1300 164 600 or  8098 0702


For matters involving sensitive personal or related issues, students will be referred to the TIIS Student Counsellor.

In the event of an acute personal crisis, 24hrs a day, 7 days per week assistance can be obtained from community support agencies such as Reachout and Lifeline. For more details you can visit their websites at: Tel: 8029 7777  Tel: 13 11 14

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Academic Support

TIIS offers individual academic support to students in addition to their regular scheduled sessions. To assist students with their studies and assessments, workshops or one-on-one support are available in the following format:


  • Individual academic counselling
  • Workshops to improve study and assessment skills


The Learning Centre is the Institute’s hub for academic assistance.

Contact the Learning Centre at or call 1300 164 600 or 8098 0702

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Social Programs

TIIS organises social events throughout the year to provide opportunities for all students to mingle and socialise. These events include cultural and sightseeing events, speech contests, dinners, excursions, sporting events, Christmas parties and cultural festivals.

Employment Assistance

TIIS keeps in close contact with local businesses and industry groups to identify suitable employment opportunities for students. Throughout your course TIIS staff will assist students to gain employment by providing self-development activities such as writing effective resume, interview preparation and the like.

Personal Safety

Stay Safe in our State – advice for international students

The NSW Police Force have created a safety video available to students studying in NSW. We encourage you to watch the video as it covers a range of topics and tips on how to stay safe and get help if you need it. The video is available in 9 subtitled languages to help you and your family better understand the important messages from police. Watch the entire video and refresh your mind when needed with the short segments also available for you on YouTube. Enjoy and stay safe!

  1. ENGLISH –
  2. ARABIC –
  3. CHINESE –
  4. HINDI –
  6. KOREAN –
  7. SPANISH –
  8. THAI –

For more detail, students should consult the complete Student Support Framework at