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"I was born and raised in Nepal. To obtain an international degree, I decided to come to Australia. The Institute of International Studies was my only and best option to start my education in Australia, and I am currently studying an MPA program within the Institute. It's not an easy course but the effort the college is putting into helping the students reach their goals is remarkable. There are also lots of social and professional development activities running throughout the year, which enrich even more the students' experience."

Diwash Thapa

TIIS Peer Mentoring Program Volunteer
"I grew up in Pakistan where I completed my Bachelors of Law, and soon after I came to Australia. Coming here has been one of the best decisions I have made so far, as this experience has helped me grow as a person and I have learnt a lot from it. In Australia I completed my Masters of Laws and soon after that I decided to come to TIIS for to study an MPA program. Being a law student, I had my doubts and fears about starting something different to my previous studies, but once I joined TIIS and met all the amazing people here, all my doubts washed away. The administration and the teaching staff are great and they are always ready to help in every way. Coming from a different backgroud can be difficult and challenging at times and requires hard work, but with amazing staff at TIIS I believe things get easier because they care."

Saad Akhtar

TIIS Student Ambassador Spokesperson
"At TIIS students, teachers and all other staff act as one team. Being here has not only helped me work towards excelling in my academics but also showed me how great it is to have a team that is supportive, kind, and always welcoming. TIIS never fails to recognize talent and nourish it"


Student at the Institute of International Studies
"I have been studying a Master of Professional Accounting at TIIS since September 2019, and so far my experience with the college has been wonderful. The learning experience has been great and all the staff members from the college are very helpful to international students like me. I am very grateful for the opportunity that TIIS has given me and will be thankful ever after."


Student at the Institute of International Studies
"The Institute of International Studies has definitely been a good experience and has gone far beyond my expectations. Teaching sessions have been great so far, well prepared, organized and explained. I chose to study at The Institute of International Studies because the university is one of the best in the country. The school has encouraged my passion about how to improve my future professional prospects. The teachers are very helpful and easy to talk."


Student at the Institute of International Studies