Dr Stephen Treloar, former Director of Postgraduate Studies at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney, and following a short sojourn as Provost and Associate Professor at UBSS has been appointed Dean, & Academic Director at The Institute of International Studies (“TIIS”).

Date : 10 October 2019

Dr Treloar has forged careers which transverse both academia and the corporate world. His early career was with the (former) Commonwealth Public Service, where he was trained as an Internal Auditor to the level of Assistant Inspector, and Inspector.  He then left the security of the public service to establish his own commercial business as an importer, distributor of sporting goods (and later sportswear). He built the business to a multi-million dollars operation, for it to be later acquired by US investors, operating UMBRO International (which later became part of Nike). He then served as the Managing Director (Oceania) holding a one-third shareholding in the Australian operation.

He has served on various boards, including not-for-profit, commercial and government agencies. He earned his MBA from the Sydney Graduate School of Management, a Master of Commercial Law degree from Macquarie University, and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Southern Cross University. Dr Treloar has also completed numerous short course programs including at the Harvard Business School (Performance Management), and the Harvard Law School (Masters of Negotiation).  In 2017 he was Visiting Professor at Marconi University (Rome, Italy) delivering a series of 15 lectures to their international MBA program in the subject area of ‘risk management’.

Dr Treloar seeks to draw upon his combined experience of academia and commercial/NGO/government background to bring to TIIS a balanced approach of operating a NUHEP with the highest of academic rigour, within a successful commercial context. He cites observing numerous universities and NUHEP struggling with balancing excellence in both areas and wishes to steer TIIS towards non mutually exclusive success by a duality of focus.

TIIS has the objective to become a major contributor in the NUHEP sector by 2025 and more importantly, to continue to provide student-focussed excellence, in delivery of its programs.

The company’s motto is For Today. For Tomorrow which distils to producing graduates who are job-ready in response to industries changing needs.”